HII Discounts - National Discounts by Beneplace

HII Discounts includes savings and incentives from nationwide companies offering new cars, electronics, outdoor gear and more. You’ll need a Company ID to access.

To view the nationwide discounts, go to www.beneplace.com/hii.

How to obtain HII's Company ID

HII Employment must be verified to receive the HII Beneplace Company ID. Please contact us with your name, business unit, department, and email address to request it. If you do not have a company email address, please provide your badge/employee number.

Do you shop online?

When shopping online, be sure to check out HII Marketplace Perks at Work, available through Beneplace, for additional discounts for everyday purchases (groceries, diapers, pet food) to big ticket items (cell phones, cars, travel).

On top of discounts, you’ll earn WOWPoints that can be used to save even more on future online shopping.

Learn more about Perks at Work